Foxbank: Area Schools and Higher Education near 29461

From public schools and private schools to higher education opportunities, Moncks Corner has a great deal to offer for those interested in completing their educational goals. 

Education should Start Young
Parents and those who invest in the lives of children understand the importance of starting their education at a young age. When homebuyers are searching for new homes in the Lowcountry, they will be drawn to areas with strong schools, both public and private. The homes with Crescent Homes in Moncks Corner feed into Berkeley County School District which has some strong teachers and classroom activities. Students are encouraged to be creative and explore their curiosities in order to learn and yet still adhere to the state-wide standards set to ensure all children receive a quality education. From elementary school to high school, Berkeley County schools provide the necessary requirements for students to graduate and move on to one of the state's colleges or universities.

Public versus Private
While many parents and those in the field of education field are strong advocates for private schools as the better option to a government-run public school, the argument can go both ways. Many of the schools in the Berkeley County School District produce students who are able to attend the colleges of their choice as well as go on to experience great success in their careers. It will all come down to the abilities of the student and how they are motivated throughout their time in school. The manner in which they apply their work will determine their futures and that can be completed in public or private school. Some parents prefer the smaller classes of a private school while others appreciate the diversity brought to their child's life in a larger, public school. Whatever a new homeowner in Moncks Corner decides is best for their family, there are several options from which they can choose.

Higher Education
Learning should never stop, at any age and the higher education options in Foxbank Plantation community at Moncks Corner make it possible for anyone to grow and improve their knowledge. With community college options and technical colleges close to or in Moncks Corner, there is ample opportunity for those young adults out of high school to continue their education or even those who may want to change careers. With the economy changing the value of jobs, an older adult may have the need to switch gears in their career and having the option for community college or a new trade school in close proximity to the new homes in 29461, making the move to Moncks Corner makes sense. After completing the courses, there are a wide range of jobs in the area as well as within a short driving distance in the downtown area of Charleston.

Whitesville Elementary
324 Gaillard Road
Moncks Corner SC 29461
(843) 899-8880

Berkeley Middle School
777 Stony Landing Rd, Moncks Corner, SC 29461
(843) 899-8870

Berkeley High School
406 West Main Street
Moncks Corner SC 29461
(843) 899-8800

St. John's Christian Academy
204 W Main St, Moncks Corner, SC 29461
(843) 761-8539

Trident Technical College
Community College
Berkeley Campus, 1001 S Live Oak Dr, Moncks Corner, SC 29461
(843) 899-8000

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Foxbank Plantation
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Moncks Corner, SC 29461