Foxbank: Enjoy our Buyer’s Guide to Living in Moncks Corner, SC 29461

Located just north of Charleston, SC, Moncks Corner is rapidly becoming a favorite among home buyers who desire a greater housing value as well as natural beauty. 

Why Moncks Corner?
Buying a new home is exciting but you may feel overwhelmed when you realize how unfamiliar your surroundings can feel. Moving into an area like Moncks Corner, SC, you will feel at home within days, thanks to the smaller town attitude as well as the friendly spirit that prevails in South Carolina. South Carolina has a slower pace and in many instances that cultivates friendships and feelings of community faster than other places around the country. When your neighbors and those in the community stop to chat or ask about your last home, take the time to talk and you will begin to feel at home in 29461. New homes, as well as resale homes, are being bought at a rapid pace as new residents to the Lowcountry are discovering the charm of living in Moncks Corner. It is a unique area and holds appeal with larger homes and more natural beauty than homebuyers may find in other areas of the county.

Buying a Home in Moncks Corner
As the cities around 29461 grow and begin to expand past their established borders, developments are being built in areas such as Moncks Corner. These homes can be larger and have a more natural feel as they are set back near trees and wildlife rather than next to the busy highways. For the buyer who doesn't mind a short drive to the downtown area or other areas of employment in the Lowcountry, homes in the Foxbank Plantation can be a great option. Buyers will find a wide variety of homes already built as well as empty lots where they can design the features within their ideal home starting on the ground floor.

Life after Closing
Once the final papers are signed, you want to start exploring your new home. This can mean different things for different people and you may decide to stay in your immediate area of 29461 or you may take a day to travel 30 minutes in any direction to a new area. If you decide to drive outside of 29461 or stay within the city limits, be sure to take advantage of the area attractions such as the beaches, parks, and Southern eateries along the way. After all, you were drawn to the Lowcountry for a reason and taking the time to visit festivals and happenings that only occur in the Charleston area will help you acclimate. Consider inviting neighbors and co-workers to a backyard barbeque at your new home in Foxbank Plantation or for a night out on the town. Moncks Corner has a collection of eclectic eateries such as Music Man's Bar B Que as well as the Lowcountry Favorite, Ye Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe. The first year in your new home can help set the tone for a positive time in the Palmetto State with Crescent Homes.

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