Foxbank: Home and Gardening Tips at Moncks Corner, SC 29461

Creating a welcoming exterior is just as important to the overall feel of your home as the décor inside your new home by adding value and curb appeal.  

Knowing what to Plant in South Carolina
If you are new to the Palmetto State, you have quickly realized how different the outside environment is from the humidity to the changing weather temperatures on any given day. You can leave the house in the morning with a coat on and return home to turn on the air conditioning due to the heat wave that arrived during the day. Regardless of where you live in the Lowcountry, you are sure to experience these changing weather patterns and while it can be enjoyable to visit the beach in the middle of the winter, you may struggle to know what to plant at your new home in Moncks Corner.

Understanding the Climate
The Lowcountry has mild winters and warm summers. The general climate near the coast is usually more tropical in nature and that can make certain plants more likely to thrive than others. One of the best ways to figure this out is to visit your local gardening center, either one that is locally owned and operated or even one at a larger retail store. The specialists at these centers will be able to guide you to the best plant options for your soil type as well as the weather in the area. Due to its location, Moncks Corner has a bit less sand in the soil as opposed to the towns closer to the beach so the plants and grass types that will thrive in this area will sometimes be different than those around the coast line. The humidity and low elevation makes homes in 29461 prone to flooding and gardening come sometimes be difficult to plan as one weekend of rain can ruin a garden or flower bed. It is not uncommon for the spring and summer months in South Carolina to see large amounts of rain this is what keeps the area so lush and green.

Curb Appeal is a Big Deal
While you may have chosen the interior features of your new home with Crescent Homes in Foxbank Plantation carefully, the outside may have not been so meticulously planned. It is understandable to create a more appealing exterior after the house has been built or completed to your specifications and not prior. With the work crews walking around and even the movers causing a stir on your property, the exterior of the home can wait until you have settled a bit and can put some time and money into it. Curb appeal in any community will help to increase the value of the properties and can make it a more welcoming environment. The new homes in 29461 can be made even more appealing with some plants, trees, and colors that are complementary to the spirit of South Carolina. Not only can you decide on what to plant around your house but creating an oasis in the backyard or on a patio can make your home feel even more inviting.

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