Foxbank: Home Maintenance at Foxbank Plantation

Maintaining your New Home in Moncks Corner 
Home maintenance is one of those things that can sometimes be put on the back burner when life get busy. You take the time to clean but you run out of hours in the day to really get serious about the necessary upkeep on your home. Rather than letting it go any more, its’ time to get yourself organized to retain value in your home. Don’t let it start to fall apart and lose your investment. You don’t have to spend countless hours and dollars to keep your Foxbank Plantation home in top condition. When you are able to run your household maintenance on auto pilot, you will experience less stress and your home will look great. 

Running on Auto Pilot 
A new home for sale in Moncks Corner won’t need as much maintenance as an older home. The properties built by Crescent Homes are in nearly perfect condition and if you take a minute to organize your life, your house can stay that way. Here are some ways to run your household in an efficient manner: 

  • Do the small things. Every weekend, complete a small project. This could mean recaulking the tubs or cleaning out the gutters. If something is loose like a door knob or faucet handle, plan to fix it during any day you may have free. 
  • Set up the maintenance like an important appointment. You wouldn’t ignore an important client at work yet you put off the necessary work on your largest investment. Create a calendar and add projects to it so you don’t get overwhelmed with a list of chores. 
  • Break up the big projects into smaller ones. Instead of fixing everything in the house in one day, consider taking a small project and completing it. Many times it will give you momentum to work on something else but you want it to be an option. Don’t jump into something and not have the time or resources to finish it. 

Know what to do and when. Plan a list similar to this one with the times and dates you want the work completed: 

1.     Check and replace all weather stripping

2.     Change out the air filters in the house

3.     Clean the yard so the dead leaves are gone 

4.     Take care of your tools. Clean them, put some anti-rust spray on them and get organized. 

5.     Check outdoor faucets for leaks and puddles around the house 

6.     Clean out the dryer and lint trash can

7.     Weather proof the patio furniture 

8.     Ensure you have the proper equipment to care for your yard in every area. 

The most important aspect of home maintenance is found with consistent leadership. If you tackle one project every week, you’ll be well on your way to keeping the value of your home high. 

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