Foxbank: Home Safety Tips

Home safety encompasses a wide range of services and products. As a new homeowner, you may not realize the importance of several items within your home and the steps you can take to ensure your home is safe. Home safety has many benefits for the homeowner as well as for their visitors. Here are some steps to take to make your own as safe as possible: 

  • Test the smoke detectors. If you can’t seem to remember when to perform the tests, put a reminder in your email, phone or even as a note on the wall. By performing this safety measure on a regular basis, it can start to become a habit. It is helpful to have several extra batteries for the smoke detectors so you can change them immediately if necessary.
  • Know how to turn things off in your new home. Find the main water shut-off valve, gas line, and even the main breaker box. You may need to shut everything down at some point to make sure the house is safe again. 
  • Consider installing an alarm system. The monthly cost to operate an alarm system for your home is less than you might think. Why not shop around for prices and customer service deals to help you spend even less? These alarm systems can detect everything from an intruder to a carbon monoxide threat.  They can be armed from your phone and you will even receive alerts about potential problems. 
  • Do it yourself. You can buy a security system or at least some home security cameras at a store in 29461 and set them up on your own. You may not be able to stop something unsafe but you will at least be able to know how to prevent it in the future after watching the surveillance tape and catch the perpetrators. 
  • Maintain fire extinguishers. Because they are rarely used, fire extinguishers are one of the first things to be neglected by homeowners. The extinguishers need to be replaced or charged, depending on the type you have. You may not know this but fire extinguishers have an expiration date and after that date, they begin to lose their effectiveness. It will not do any good if it doesn’t work correctly. 
  • Prepare for all types of weather. In the Lowcountry, you may not have a high threat for snow or other types of cold weather safety issues but any type of extreme weather can create safety problems. Tree limbs falling, clogged gutters clogging and causing the roof to sag, and sometimes ice are all safety problems faced by homeowners. Have on hand the essentials for an ice storm, hurricane, and everything in between. 

When researching the best Moncks Corner homes for sale and Goose Creek homes for sale, one important factor to consider your Crescent Home to be safe with your diligence and attention to details that could potentially become threats or cause harm to others. When your property is safe, you will save money on homeowners insurance, not to mention your friends and family will feel comfortable coming to your Foxbank Plantation house for a visit. 

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