Foxbank: Key Moving Costs When Moving to Moncks Corner

Stay in Control of your Move
It’s no secret that moving to Moncks Corner can be expensive and ranks high on the list of most-hated tasks. Some of the hassle and costs can be lessened in the moving process with some of these simple tips:

Purge. Take a good look around your house. What can you get rid of? Donate. Sell. Recycle. Get rid of things you don’t need or haven’t used. Moving companies usually charge by the distance and the volume so cutting back will save you money. 

Pack. Packing done by professionals can be costly and it is the easiest way to clean out and know what you have. Take the time to pack your stuff on your own and save money. 

Splurge. Don’t skimp on the packing materials, boxes especially. Cheap grocery store boxes can break, leak and be crushed. Wouldn’t you rather spend several dollars on a good box than have to replace the contents due to breakage? 

DIY. Do what you can on your own. If you are making an in-town move, take the small stuff ahead of time. Let the movers take the heavy items. 

Schedule. Don’t move during the peak seasons. Not only are moving companies slammed with work from May to September, they are stretched thin. They may not arrive on time, deliver on time or have much energy to efficiently load and unload. 

Label. It may seem time consuming in the packing stage but during the unpacking, you’ll save time when you take out the contents in the intended room or area. Why start to unpack a box upstairs when it belongs in the kitchen and you have to lug it back downstairs? 

Buy. Organize your packing supplies to buy what you need ahead of time. Consider buying boxes at a store that will buy back what you don’t use. Don’t get stuck in the middle of your move without boxes and supplies. You’ll find yourself overloading boxes or not using enough bubble wrap to ensure the safety of your items just to conserve packing supplies.

Be as organized as possible throughout the move and you’ll save money. Even planning ahead for food, drinks and supplies will save you the headache of last minute runs to the store. When possible, take care of tasks on your own, especially if you are paying for the move hourly. See the latest homes for sale in Moncks Corner and become part of our community today!

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