Foxbank: What to look for in a new home if you have a young family

Meeting your Housing Needs 
Each family is different and their housing needs will be different as well. Crescent Homes understands this and has worked with families for years to achieve their housing dreams. Your family may want a big yard and small kitchen or maybe you like to have a certain type of paint throughout the house to minimize fingerprints. The needs of your young family in a new home can be met with the homes in Foxbank Plantation. These homes can be semi-customized to surpass your expectations. In some situations you may need to move quickly and you won’t have the time to work with a builder. Crescent Homes has several move-in ready homes available in Foxbank Plantation that can meet your needs, when you know what to look for in a home. 

The number one complaint of growing families is not having enough space for everyone to be comfortable. Maybe mom doesn’t have room for a kitchen pantry or siblings are sharing a room but because the family is growing, the budget is shrinking. Foxbank Plantation has a variety of homes with three and four bedrooms and 2100+ sqft. in the low to mid $200’s. Some of the floor plans have two-story options while others are spread out over one story. Look for the floor plan that makes sense for your family. You may want all the kids upstairs and your master bedroom on the first floor.  

As your family grows, you want things to make sense within the home. Do you have enough bathrooms for everyone to get ready for school on time? Will you be running into other family members while cooking in the kitchen due to lack of space? It can be helpful to have a game room or large room to use as playroom where the kids can just be kids.

Not only do you need space and efficiency in a new home, you also need adequate storage for the holidays decorations to the hand-me-down clothes saved for each child. When your home is organized with enough storage space, you will save time and money. Check out the closets and imagine your clothes in their place as well as your current storage bins and boxes. If the space is lacking on move-in, you will struggle later so ensure the storage is enough for your life. 

Crime Watch 
Before looking into a neighborhood or house, you have the right to see the public records for criminals who may be living in your area. With a young family it is important to know this information. This can mean any type of criminal in the system so do your due diligence and know who lives around you. Also, be on the lookout for suspicious activity and report it when you do see it. If you have a neighborhood crime watch, work with them to deter criminals from lurking in your area. 

Buying your new home in Moncks Corner, SC is a smart decision for your family’s future so keeping the property safe is in your best interest. Keeping it safe and your neighborhood crime-free will help to maintain home values and overall community achievements. 

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