Foxbank: Winter Plumbing Tips for Your New Moncks Corner Home

As a homeowner in the Lowcountry, you should take the necessary steps to winterize your home to prepare for the colder months. While this area of the country doesn’t get as cold as its northern neighbors there are still several weeks of cold weather and freezing temperatures. Ice and moisture are a problem in the Lowcountry due to the proximity to the coast and the natural humidity found in this area. Here are some simple steps to take for your new home in Foxbank Plantation to be ready for the winter: 

Let cold water drip from your faucet on nights where there could be a potential freeze. The moving water will help to prevent freezing, keeping your pipes from freezing.

Disconnect outdoor water hoses and drain them to avoid them freezing. They can break and snap if frozen and if they are connected to the water faucet, the pressure can build and back up the water into your home.

  • Install a water faucet insulator over the outdoor water sources.
  • Maintain your home temperature above 55 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing and open cabinets under sinks. 
  • Walk the perimeter of your house after an ice or snow storm to survey the damage. You may have tree limbs ready to break off or snow blocking the drainage pipes.
  • Ensure your plumbing is running properly before the winter. Proper maintenance will keep the plumbing working seamlessly.
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Your new home in Foxbank Plantation is designed to last for many years and when you take care of the systems within the house, it will take care of itself. Proper home maintenance is critical to enjoying your new home in Moncks Corner, SC. 

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