Foxbank: Planning a Move to Moncks Corner?

Planning a Move to Moncks Corner?
By understanding real estate trends in the Lowcountry, you are in a better position for buying a home in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

Real Estate Trends in the Lowcountry
As companies begin to move to the Palmetto State, housing needs are increasing rapidly. Many of the new developments throughout the area are filling up quickly and it is easy to see why. With relatively low costs of living and the natural beauty of the Lowcountry, people from all over the country have made it their permanent residence. The lure of living by the ocean and the draw of laid-back Southern hospitality have made this area a hotspot for real estate investors and builders for several years. An upcoming area within the Lowcountry is north of Charleston in a town known as Moncks Corner. With a more natural, peaceful feel, the neighborhoods in 29461 offer large homes and lush scenery. Because there are few highways and commercial developments, the area takes on an entirely different feel than the cities closer to downtown Charleston. As a potential homeowner, a home in this type of environment can be a smart decision as your housing dollar will go farther in an area like Moncks Corner.

Understand the Benefits of Moncks Corner
It can be a perk to live by the ocean or in a golf-course community but for many new homeowners, the prices that go with that type of lifestyle are out of their range. Living close to the beach is a dream for some but if you the prices are out of your budget, consider within minutes of some of the top beaches in the country. Foxbank Plantation is north of Charleston but within minutes of beaches and close to challenging golf courses so you are able to get the best of what Charleston has to offer, along with reasonable housing prices. The community offers a swimming pool, lakes, walking trails, and plenty of green spaces to play with kids and pets. In the future, there are proposed plans for an elementary school as well as new retail stores. This area of the Lowcountry offers a reprieve from the hustle and bustle found in the downtown area as well as during the busy summer months when tourists come from all over the world to The Holy City.

Choosing the Right Area

Crescent Homes ral estate is all about location and how it suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a new house or one that is built and just waiting for new owners, the location of your home should suit your needs and retain its value. A hotspot in today's market may not be as desirable in the years to come but when you buy in an area with steady growth such as Moncks Corner, the property will most likely increase in value or at least remain a solid investment. As the surrounding cities grow and job opportunities continue to move to the Charleston area, the 29461 zip will continue to be an area of expansion. Located minutes from all the charming parts of the Lowcountry, your new home in Moncks Corner is in a prime location for a potential real estate boom in South Carolina.

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