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Crescent Homes in South Carolina

The Hammocks at Cane Bay: History of Summerville

Learning about Your Hometown
The first settlement in Summerville began after the American Revolution by plantation owners trying to escape the swamp fever and seasonal insects. These owners, as part of South Carolina state history, originally wanted a reprieve from the other side of the Lowcountry and they found it in the Summerville area. This town was started as a way to get away from the heat and salty air found closer to the water as well as the hectic lifestyle surrounding the harbor and the port. The tall trees and lakes make it a popular spot for camping and fishing. Summerville not only has modern business growth but visitors can take a stroll through the historic side of the downtown area and be transported back in time. Crescent Homes offers new homes for sale of varied sizes and styles and included features that go well beyond the standard. The Hammocks at Cane Bay Plantation offers one and two story floor plans ranging from 1686 - 3100 square feet with 3-6 bedrooms, 2-3 Car Garage.

Southern Hospitality
Since 1847, Summerville has been a place for southern hospitality to flourish and be passed on to generations to come. New residents will immediately feel at home and as you get to know your neighbors and the store owners, it can feel as though you’ve lived there for your entire life. The southern attitude of visiting on the front porch and talking with others is part of the foundation for life in this Lowcountry town. Whether or not you know your neighbors, embracing the spirit and history of your new hometown will help you acclimate and learn the history of this grand Southern town. From the 12 acre oasis known Azalea Park to visiting the picturesque plantation homes, the opportunity to live and not only visit in Summerville is evident on any given day. 

Learning your Way around Summerville 
The town of Summerville is located right along the thoroughfares of South Carolina, I26 and Hwy 78, both of which travel in and out of the area and can be used as a means to travel in and around the state itself. As you begin to learn the roads and highway systems in the Lowcountry, you will find these are frequently used by the majority of people and can be used to locate other points of interest in the area such as parks, restaurants, and shopping centers. Living in this area of South Carolina provides a great deal of flexibility and opportunity to enjoy the coast or go further inland to the lakes and forest areas. From lakes to beaches, park trails and neighborhood amenities found in Cane Bay, you can decide what you feel like on any particular day and be there in no time. 

Creating your Own History in Summerville 
After your move to Summerville, it is a great time to start making your own memories in this beautiful southern town. Not only can you learn about the existing history of the area but you can begin exploring and discovering your own favorite spots. Each new adventure will begin to shape your own personal history and it can all start with purchasing a new home in Summerville in the Cane Bay community. 

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