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Crescent Homes in South Carolina

The Hammocks at Cane Bay: The Hammocks at Cane Bay Quality Constructed Homes

High-Quality Homes Every Time

Communities are being built all over the Lowcountry. There are developments ranging from West Ashley multi-family to Mount Pleasant townhomes and everything in between. One of the fastest growing areas of this area of South Carolina is Summerville, SC. With reasonable housing costs and a top-notch school district, it’s no wonder people are moving to this area and buying up the new homes for sale at The Hammocks at Cane Bay. Each home is constructed with the high standards of Crescent Homes and is backed by warranties and many happy home buyer reviews. The homes in this area range from 1600-3000 square feet with 3-6 bedrooms and 2-3 car garage. There are also options for a second floor to the home. You may wonder why you would want to buy new home rather than resale? 

More than Meets the Eye
Crescent Homes have many features that make them unique and highly desirable among homeowners. Some of the reasons to semi-custom design your own home are obvious but there are others that you may not consider: 

1.  You choose the floorplan, amount of space and lot size when you build a home. 

2.  You are the first person to live in that home so you don’t have to deal with anything the previous owner left behind such as smells, pet hair and even wear and tear. You have a clean slate. 

3.  You can move into your dream home. You get to choose the flooring, paint colors and even architectural features with your Cane Bay home. 

4.  You don’t have to remodel before you can move in. It is exhausting to go through any type of renovation process and at The Hammock, you can choose a house and be ready to move shortly. 

5.  You have the ability to semi-customize a new home without worrying about what you’ll uncover during construction. Gone are the surprises that ended up breaking the budget due to an unforeseen problem. 

Your home should be a reflection of you and what you truly love so why not buy a new home in Summerville, SC where you can make memories and enjoy your life.

For more information about The Hammocks at Cane Bay, or the Summerville, SC area, email us at

The Hammocks at Cane Bay
300 Whispering Breeze Lane
Summerville, SC 29483