The Coves: 5 Features That Give Dining Rooms Some Personality

There’s no better place to punch up the personality in your new home in The Coves at the Lakes of Cane Bay than the dining room. It’s a place for hosting, studying, catching up on the day’s events, and of course, eating.

To help spruce things up a bit in time for spring, here are five features you may want to consider for your next upgrade project.

1. Positioning is Key

This may seem like a no-brainer, put placing your dining room setup as close to the kitchen as possible is a life saver. Naturally, this will make it easier to transport any hot or heavy dishes to the table quicker by minimizing the distance between it and your kitchen.

2. Add Some Ambiance

Dimmed lighting is a fantastic way to set the mood to virtually any degree an occasion may call for. Not only can you control the dramatics of the room, but also use lighting to set the tone for other parts of the house as well.

3. Mind the View

Although the layout of your home is entirely up to you, it helps to be somewhat mindful of the way you place furniture and collectables in your dining room. Allow for ample space behind any chairs, so those seated can move freely without fear of bumping others or knocking things over.

4. Plan Ahead

When choosing a homesite or plan that’s right for you and your family, it helps to have a good idea of your preferred layout beforehand. Mapping this out with a builder will save you time and money that can come with remodeling.

5. Be Flexible

Always keep in mind that, much like the seasons, your tastes and living situation may change. Maintain an open mind with the final layout of your dining room and leave a little bit of extra wiggle room for any new additions that may come about.

The space has great potential, especially in custom homes, so make sure you are taking advantage of all your dining room has to offer.

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