The Coves: 7 Reasons Why Summerville Means Small Town Charm

Arguably one of the best things about living in the Summerville, SC area is the fact that you get all the amenities and quiet comforts of a smaller, less congested town, while still being close enough to enjoy the perks of a larger city.

Still not convinced? Well, here are seven more reasons why Summerville, SC is the very definition of “small-town charm.”

1. Away From the Maddening Crowd

As we mentioned before, Summerville’s location makes it the perfect spot for anyone trying to find a middle ground. Its centralized location makes it remote enough to relax, but still close enough to enjoy everything the Holy City has to offer.

2. A Rich History

Since the 18th century, Summerville was the prime destination for settlers and vacationers trying to escape the oppressive humidity of the Charleston coastline. This brought about a newfound interest in the area and attracted people, far and wide, to settle into the current area.

3. Perfect for Families

Known for its close-knit, communal nature, Summerville has been an attractive town for couples wanting to settle down and raise young families. Safe, serene and close to award-winning schools, it’s no wonder this area is a top destination.

4....And Retirees, Too

Named one of the top places to retire by Movoto, Market Watch, and Forbes, Summerville possesses an independent lifestyle while still providing excellent health and emergency services nearby, if needed.

5. Folk Arts Galore!

Home to the renowned Flowertown Festival, Summerville is a bastion for local arts and their respective artisans. Not a day goes by that you won’t be introduced to a new and exciting facet of the homegrown, folk arts scene.

6. One With Nature

Flanked by Francis Beidler Forest and Middleton Place, there’s no shortage of opportunities to blaze a trail or two through the acres of natural landmarks and preservations that dot the area.

7. Quiet Perfection

“Getting away from it all” shouldn’t necessarily mean “being in the middle of nowhere,” which is why Summerville exhibits a nice balance. It’s a level of quiet perfection that you won’t find many other places in South Carolina.

There you have it! A pretty compelling set of reasons why you should consider making Summerville, SC your new home, and with all the new additions made to The Coves at the Lakes of Cane Bay, it’ll make the move all that much sweeter!

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