The Coves: Top Attractions in the Great Historic District of Summerville

You may not know it, but Summerville, SC has a storied history within South Carolina, with roots dating as far back as pre-Revolutionary War era.

The greater historic district is a wealth of both historic value and modern-day entertainment, so to celebrate this dual importance, we’ve compiled some of the best sights you need to experience within the historic district:

Tupper's Drug Store
Constructed in 1902, the original site was founded at 147 Central Avenue, in the Summerville Historic District. Pre-dating World War I, Tupper’s Drug Store was a satellite location for a larger pharmaceutical company of the same name.

O. J. Sire's Commercial Building
Once a cornerstone of the South Main St. area, O.J. Sire’s became a historic site and relic of Summerville history when the district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, nearly 80 years after its construction in 1897.

The White Gables House
Built in 1830, the White Gables house follows much of the Victorian/Queen Anne styles of homes that you see throughout  much of the Charleston area. Found at 603 W. Richardson Avenue, White Gables is a stunning example of antebellum, real estate architecture in the South.

Summerville Presbyterian Church
Found at 407 S. Laurel Street, records show that the first iteration of this church dates back as far as the late 1600s. After several renovations, including the one following the great earthquake of 1886, Summerville Presbyterian serves as a historic house of worship within the community.

Squirrel Inn
Constructed around 1913, the Squirrel Inn saw steady business for the better part of 70+ years, until its most recent renovations. Located at 116 W. 5th South Street, the inn is still a destination for local history buffs, but much of the original building has been converted into individual apartments for sale.

The greater historic district has a great deal to offer both visitors and residents of the Summerville, SC area. Small-town feel with a big heart is what you can expect from the “Flowertown in the Pines”.

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