Waterloo Estates: 7 Ways Dinner Party Decor Brighten Waterloo Estates Homes

Spring is a great time for people to show off their beautiful homes with a dinner party, and decor is a cornerstone to timeless parties.

With a Waterloo Estates home, the possibilities are endless when it comes to ways to liven up the decor for your next dinner party. Here are some of our favorite tips for brightening up the outdoor space for your next dinner party.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you start sending out the invitations, make sure you take an audit of your entertainment space beforehand. This will give you a better idea of any additions you’ll need to make, while giving you a more realistic idea of how many people you can actually host

2. Utilize Patios and Decks

If your home is equipped with either, as a good number of our home do, take advantage of the stable, level ground that a deck or patio can provide. It makes serving and entertaining your guests easier, while freeing up your yard to accommodate kids and/or pets who need a little more wiggle room to roam.

3. Add Some Cushioning

Nothing enhances the relaxing atmosphere of outdoor dining like comfortable seating. If you don’t already, upgrade your current seating to include new, comfortable cushioning that reflects the color palette of the season

4. Bring Nature to You

Adding a collection of decorative potted plants and other natural accents to your hosting space will accentuate the lush and green theme generally associated with the spring season. Seek out plants that are natural pesticides, like lemongrass and peppermint, to keep pests at bay while you entertain.

5.Go Vintage

Repurposing any retro style antiques or relics into outdoor accents will help liven up your outdoor hosting space, and no item is off limits. Old picture or window frames, used furniture, pots, bowls, and vases can be restyled to fit an outdoor space.

6.Get Covered

The latest decor trend is to use white fabric, like duck canvas, to create DIY awnings. This is a great way to create wide swatches of shade without having to invest in unwieldy patio umbrellas, or foldable tents.

7. Swing, Swing, Swing

More of a tradition in the Lowcountry than merely a nice-to-have, a woven hammock (or two) strategically placed within your event space is a great segue from the formality of the dinner table to something a little more casual. Think of it as a way for your guests to perfectly round out the evening.

A visually appealing, cohesive decor is the perfect way to set off a stylish, outdoor dinner party right, for you and your guests. Get inspired today!

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