Waterloo Estates: Top U.S. historical attractions for families in Johns Island

A far cry from the dry and lifeless history classes you remember from grade school, John’s Island, SC is historically rich far beyond its years. Where traveling just a few miles of road can mean a historical difference of centuries, there’s a great deal to experience around the Waterloo Estates alone. Here, we sift through the annals of time to showcase some of the top historical attractions around John’s Island that are perfect for your family:

Time, Immortalized
If there’s anything you have to do once you come to John’s Island, make sure one of the first thing is visiting Angel Oak Park. The majestic centerpiece of the park, the Angel Oak, has been around for its fair share of historical events. From the Renaissance through the Civil War and more, just being able to witness this long-standing landmark is historic in itself.

Architectural Greatness
Chock full of rich history, vivid flora and unmatched design, Fenwick Hall Plantation is a beautiful piece of land that rests Penneys Creek, near the Stono River.

Fenwick Hall
Complete with special tours of the ground, periodic historic seminars and more, you can get lost in the romantic atmosphere for days, if you’re lucky enough to gain entry. Fenwick is not normally opened to the public, except for special occasions.

Modern Warfare
Every year, Legare Farms plays host to the Battle of Charleston reenactment ceremony. Recreating the violent 1864 “Battle of the Bloody Bridge” during the Civil War, people can witness living history while enjoying period food and music.

A Higher Calling
Part of the National Register of Historic of Historic Places, Moving Star Hall was used as a praise house and meeting spot for the Moving Star Young Association, an African-American religious and fraternal society that helped area residents stricken with poverty.

Crescent Homes knows the importance of know where things came from, to gain a better sense of where it’s all going. To learn more about how you can make your own mark on local history by relocating to Waterloo Estates on John’s Island, be sure to visit the community page or call our office directly.

Waterloo Estates
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