White Gables: Building a Functional “Green” Home in the Lowcountry

Starting from the Ground Up
Building a new home is an exciting time yet there are many decisions to be made and while you want the best possible home, there are several key factors that go into your design plans. When you are able to customize the features of the property, you have control over important aspects that can lower your monthly bills for years to come. While you may want to be economically conscious, the thought of using only solar power or cutting back on necessary energy is not appealing. The good news is that Crescent Homes provides new homes in Charleston for sale that meet the requirements for green building and a luxury lifestyle. You don’t have to sacrifice style or efficiency to leave a lower carbon footprint. Homeowners appreciate the fact they don’t have to live off the grid or lower their electricity usage when the home is built correctly. From the right insulation to avoiding empty space within the home, every square foot has a purpose and has a focus on energy efficiency.

The Specs for a Green Home
From laying the foundation to the final paint colors, a green home doesn’t just happen. It takes careful planning and an effort on the part of the designer, builders, and the potential homeowner. In order to maintain the highest green building standards, Crescent Homes works with the latest innovations in building that even exceed the national energy standards so the new homes in Charleston are among the top options for green building.  There are certain construction basics that should be used for a green home and they make the home more efficient but the homeowner will rarely notice any lack of convenience. In fact, it can lower the monthly bills and even help the homeowner get more enjoyment out of the home. Some of these basics that are included in the Crescent Homes for sale include: Low-E windows, radiant barrier insulated attics, and low VOC paints and finishes. In the beginning stages of the build, these elements are incorporated into the building itself and as the walls are painted and final touches are implemented, the next step will be the energy-saving appliances.

It’s in the Details
A home that is built to green standards will be a positive step in the right direction for lowering the homeowners carbon footprint but there is more to a green home. Many of the Charleston new homes for sale built by Crescent are semi-custom built to please the homeowner with extras such as energy saving appliances. When an appliance is used on a daily basis, like the dishwasher, hot water heater, and HVAC systems, the energy costs can be high and it can be a struggle for a homeowner to keep up. Crescent homes uses features such as tankless hot water heaters, programmable thermostats, and Energy Star rated appliances. Not only will this be better for the environment but it helps the homeowner with the monthly costs to maintain the home. New homes in Charleston are only complete after a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) from an independent reviewer. This inspection is ordered by Crescent Homes and ensures the home to be at 75 or lower on the HERS index. In fact, if the result shows the home to be above 75 on the scale, Crescent Homes will pay you $500 for every point over that mark. The new homes in Charleston for sale are guaranteed to be energy efficient and well-under the national standard of 130 on the HERS index.

True Enjoyment of a New Home
Moving into a new home that is personalized for you is an exciting time and the home should continue to bring you enjoyment even after the initial newness wears off. With lower energy costs and an unparalleled efficiency, new homes for sale in Charleston built to the green standards of Crescent Homes, is sure to provide that for you. Charleston weather can be extreme during the summer months and with the features offered in the green homes, you are able to enjoy the summers, rather than dread the monthly utility bills. You can also rest assured knowing you have taken a progressive step in the right direction to help the environment and minimize the impact your home and lifestyle have on the earth. The homes offered by Crescent Homes in the Lowcountry are built to the highest standards and will exceed your personal design ideas as well as the industry standards for green homes in the White Gables community. 

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