White Gables: Decorating your New Home in White Gables

Moving to the South
Each part of the country has a different feel and the Lowcountry of South Carolina has a unique feel that you won't find in any other city or state. There is a balance between the old city, beach resorts, and the up and coming technology boom in the area. Your decision to buy a new home in Summerville, SC opens up a whole new world for décor and style that is only found in the south and particularly in the Charleston area. The homes in the community of White Gables epitomize the look and feel of the old south paired with the beach themes of colors and breeziness. Wide porches, cheery colors, and a downtown-closeness, the homes in White Gables are the perfect canvas to decorate with a maritime feel, easy beach look, or a classic southern charm.

The Basics of the Room
Before you start putting in the room accessories, it is important to have it arranged with the most efficient layout. This can mean eliminating some large pieces of furniture in a small room and hanging curtains to draw the eye up to the 9ft ceilings of the homes in White Gables. Because you chose a semi-custom home from Crescent Homes, you will have the right color paint on the walls and the small designer touches that make a room appear elegant and personalized. With a wide variety of décor options, you can take the old south and mix it with the new in order to create the perfect balance for your personal style. After the room is arranged to your liking, you may want to visit some of the local stores to find unique pieces that are handmade in the Lowcountry.

Accessories Unique to where you Live
Living in a new home in Summerville, SC gives you the ability to purchase local items from vendors at the farmers markets or even a local boutique. Drive down any road in the Lowcountry and chances are you will see Sweetgrass Basket stands. These baskets take hundreds of hours to complete and each one is hand made from start to finish; the craftsman will gather the reeds and prepare them to hand-weave the baskets. They add charm to any room in your new home and can also be functional. There are several downtown farmers markets that sell custom paintings and items collected from the beach, that are available for purchase. Because White Gables is located within 30 minutes of some of the top beaches on the East Coast, you can take the time to go shell hunting and come up with your own decorations using unique items that you find along the water.

Exterior Decorating in the Lowcountry
If you are new to the heat and humidity of Coastal Carolina, you may struggle to find landscaping enjoyable except during the cooler months. When you know what to plant and how to decorate the outside of your new home in Summerville, the results can be beautiful. The lots in White Gables require little maintenance but with a rocking chair on the sprawling front porch and a Citronella plant next to it, you can enjoy even the buggiest of summer nights in the Lowcountry. Palm trees, monkey grass, and a variety of flowering plants do well in the heat and will last throughout the mild winters as well. The exterior of the homes in White Gables are designed to withstand the heat, sun, and humidity with cement siding and radiant barriers to keep the home cool inside. By embracing the southern feel of a large front porch and palm trees in your yard, your new home can be everything you want it to be and a place you are proud to call home.

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