White Gables: How to Spot your Perfect House

Know what you Want before Making the Purchase
After you’ve made the decision to move to the Charleston area, you are now faced with the decision of where exactly to move. Not only are there many neighborhood options, bridges to cross, rivers to learn, and even new highways to discover, you have to navigate your way to find that perfect home. The areas within Charleston are all different and while some new homes for sale in Charleston will work for one person, it won’t work for everyone. The older homes found in Avondale and James Island have a certain charm but more often than not, they will require repairs and renovations and the newer homes in Mount Pleasant and Summerville may lack the appeal of the older homes. There is a way to get the best of both worlds with a Crescent Home in the community of your choice in the Lowcountry. Each Crescent Home is designed with the homebuyer and community in mind so you are able to move into a brand new house with all the features you’ve always wanted.  From Riverland Park on James Island to Foxbank Plantation in Moncks Corner, your dream house is closer than you might think.

Getting to know Charleston
Visitors to the Lowcountry are usually attracted to the beaches, historical sites, and beautiful downtown area, but they don’t really get to know Charleston or the surrounding towns; they simply know what the tourists know and see on a visit. It takes time to really learn a new place and when moving into Charleston new homes for sale, you don’t want to feel rushed or unprepared. It is always a smart idea to visit the city where you will be moving at various times of the night and day. Make a simple list of what is important and things that can be compromised. For many families with young children, the schools can be a deciding factor while others will prefer to live near their favorite hot-spots or have an easy commute. It is possible to have all of the items on your list in many areas of Charleston if you take the time to look and observe the White Gables community.

Crescent Homes makes it easy to get the house of your dreams in the area you want it to be in. The points that are deciding factors for you should be weighed carefully and keep in mind that some homes will have positive aspects you may not have considered. For example, if you want to live closer to work to save money on gas costs, you may be able to live on a larger lot in a community like Nelliefield Plantation and still save money. The savings will come from the energy efficiency of the home rather than the gas money saved.

Bridges, Rivers, and the Intracoastal

You can drive just about anywhere in the Lowcountry and see water. Whether it is the wide expanse of the ocean or the muddy waters of the Intracoastal as the tide goes out, there is a constant presence of water, boats, and fishing. With Crescent Homes, as a new resident to the area, you may not grasp how important the bridges are to each area as that is how each town is connected. One of the most popular bridges and an iconic piece of architecture is the Arthur Ravenel Bridge; it is the main connector from Mount Pleasant to Charleston and beyond. When that bridge is closed, there is a highway around the north side of Charleston that can provide the necessary redirection but there is another bridge, the Don Holt Bridge on that route as well.

If you plan to buy a new home for sale in Charleston, keep in mind that you may need to travel the bridges to get to work, school, or your favorite store and if they are closed, it can be difficult to get around. The more traveled bridges will rarely cause a problem and driving across these structures can be a peaceful way to end the day by watching the ships in port or a beautiful South Carolina sunset.

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