White Gables: Reasons to Buy a New Home in White Gables vs. a Resale Home in Summerville

New Neighborhoods in the Lowcountry
One of the largest investments a person can make is the purchase of a home. Whether it is bought new or resale, the potential homeowner will need to take out a loan and make a commitment to the asset. The final decision of whether to buy new or resale is one many homeowners face, especially in an area like Charleston, SC where there is exploding growth and beautiful, new neighborhoods being built around every corner. How can you decide whether to buy in one of these new areas or stick to a resale home? Many factors can go into this decision but buying a new home in Summerville may be easier than you might think. Crescent Homes has made the process simple and fun for many new homeowners and you could be next. Summerville is one of the hottest towns in the Lowcountry and with the influx of new jobs and growth, the housing bar has been raised to meet the high standards of those calling it home.

The Benefits of a New Home
Like a new car, a new home will usually have all the bells and whistles, but it can be difficult to justify the investment for some homebuyers. Some will assume that buying an older home and performing remodels, as possible, makes more sense for the budget and for their preferences. What these potential homebuyers don't realize is that buying a new home in Summerville is just as cost effective as buying resale. Crescent Homes designs and builds homes that are not only energy efficient but affordable for a wide range of homebuyers. New homes in Summerville in neighborhoods like White Gables can be built to your specifications and needs. If you prefer a certain color, type of appliances, or floor plan, you can have it built that way from the ground-up. The homes are move-in ready and when you are able to begin enjoying your new home from Day 1, chances are you will be ready to explore the new area and make new friends, rather than be forced to work on home improvement projects. With a new home, you are in control of what you buy, rather than settling for what will work. Crescent Homes has created many excellent floor plans, custom designs, and features that will blow your mind for the price you'll pay.

Enjoy the Weekends Again
After the long process of a move, you want to relax and begin to learn your way around the area. Even if you are not new to the town of Summerville, it can be fun to explore the neighborhood and meet those who live around. White Gables is a planned development with amenities like pools, trails, fishing ponds, basketball courts, and a community center. When you buy a new home in Summerville, rather than resale, you are free to explore on the weekends, rather than having to work on your house. The paint colors will be your choice, the light fixtures will match your style, the floors will be finished, and the list goes on. Go back to enjoying the weekends again instead of working all week and then working all weekend as well. With the larger backyards and decks featured in the White Gables community, you can invite friends and family over for a backyard barbeque or a game of Cornhole, a Lowcountry favorite. The new home will give you more freedom, lower energy bills, and a sense of pride in your new home. Crescent Homes is meticulous in the building of each home and many of their exceptional features come standard while other builders charge extra for the same. Summerville is an up and coming area of the Lowcountry so buying a new home in the area will be an investment in your future for many years to come.

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