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Calling Summerville Home for Many Years to Come

For the majority of new home owners, there are many factors to consider and the list will change as people change and their needs evolve. The older potential homeowners will want to find a home with features that will differ from the young family buying their first home. Crescent Homes understands this and designs a variety of homes to suit the needs of every life stage.  Summerville, SC new homes for sale are available in a wide range of prices and semi-customizable through Crescent Homes. With communities like White Gables, The Club at Legend Oaks, and Bellwood, finding the right new home for your needs in Summerville won’t be a difficult task. Once you’ve decided on the area of Summerville, Crescent Homes can work with you to personalize your home, with many standard features for which other builders will charge extra. Not only will you move into a town of your choosing, but you can also help to build the house of your dreams.

Setting Summerville Apart 

Summerville, SC has consistently been given accolades for a high quality of life, reasonable housing prices, quality schools, and strong employment options. Some of the jobs are within the town itself but even living in a new home in Summerville, SC, you can have a relatively easy commute to other towns within the Lowcountry. Downtown Charleston is less than thirty minutes away as well as Mount Pleasant and James Island. These destinations are all easily accessible with the bridges and connectors built throughout the Charleston area, making it an easy drive for work and also for various events and activities. The beach and lakes are less than an hour away from your new home in Summerville and with the reasonable housing costs, homeowners get more house for their dollar. This is appealing to people who want a large home to accommodate their growing families.  On the other hand, every Crescent Homes community offers smaller homes for those who may want to retire.

One of the Top Places to Retire  

In 2012, Summerville was voted as one of the top 25 places to retire for a long list of reasons.  The dry air, thanks in part to the many pine trees, the top notch medical care, and the overall low cost of living has ranked this small town #24 in the top 25 list of places around the country that is ideal for retirement. Many of the potential homebuyers, who want to buy Summerville, SC new homes for sale in order to retire, will not need the large homes, the oversized lots, or even the close proximity to certain schools. Crescent Homes has taken these factors into consideration and designed many homes to be compliant with the needs and desires of those in and nearing retirement age. While each community built by Crescent has its own unique style and amenities, those who wish to retire in Summerville will find options and features they can customize while the house is being built. The medical facilities in Summerville can help retirees live a full life even if they need care on a daily basis; East Cooper Regional and Hollings Cancer Center are just two of the highly acclaimed care providers that retirees can benefit from upon moving to Summerville.

Why Buy a New Home in Summerville

Semi-custom homes give the buyers power to individualize the house without the process taking too much time or creating undue stress on the buyers. From start to finish, homebuyers with Crescent Homes can create a custom home with the guidance and help of the team of designers and experts. Retirees, families, and even single homebuyers will decide on the layout of their home based on their current needs. With options in White Gables for a one-story home, retirees can plan ahead and avoid having to climb the stairs as they age. The value provided by the Crescent Homes in Summerville will allow the new homeowners of any age to truly enjoy their home and not be burdened with too much house at the end of the day.  The new houses in Summerville, SC have a lot to offer homebuyers of any age and any stage in life.

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