White Gables: Setting up your new Home in Summerville

Getting Set-Up
Before you move, take the time to research the neighborhood and the various service providers you will need to contact. It would be a terrible end to the day of a long move to not have water or power in the new home and it happens to many new homeowners. By taking the time to check and double check on these items, as well as where the local services are, will give you an advantage during the move. Chances are you've passed the municipal service centers on one of your drives to the new area, without even thinking twice about their locations but knowing the location of the hospitals, police stations, fire stations, and other city services can help you safe from the very first night in your new Summerville, SC home. Because you bought home owner's insurance, you know where the fire hydrants, police stations, and even where the fire station is, in relation to your new home. Summerville has excellent city services and that can help keep your overall insurance expenses low, as well as keep you healthy and safe.

Utilities in the New House
One of the largest utility providers in South Carolina is SCE&G and they are the service providers for the White Gables community and the Summerville area. They are based in Columbia, SC but have remote locations throughout the Lowcountry. With efficient online services, BillPay by phone and online, outage reporting that can be done 24/7, you can feel at ease knowing your utilities are handled by the largest and most efficient company in the state. Before you move, be sure to call and set up the initial meter reading and service after that. They will perform a basic credit check and some customers may require a deposit to turn on service but if you have had service in another city, chances are you will not. After you've turned on service at your new Summerville, don't neglect to select a shut-off date with your current electric company so you are not liable for the utility bill after you've moved on. You have the option to mail in your utility payment, pay it online, pay by phone, or set up auto-pay so you never miss a payment. There are several billing options as well to choose from that will suit your needs, whatever they may be, Crescent Homes can guide you with more information.

P.O. Box 100255
Columbia SC, 29202

Getting Back Online after the Move
Since most people have a phone with internet connection, it is not as though you are completely disconnected during the move to your new home in Summerville. You will want to set up cable TV, internet, and even home phone services as soon as possible so you can start to feel at home as soon as possible. The community of White Gables in Summerville is serviced by Comcast and Time Warner Cable, who can both provide fast internet and a wide range of TV channels so you never have to miss a game or your favorite show. You may need to be home for the service to be set-up but if you need to have it set-up right away, call ahead to schedule the time into a day when you will be home, unpacking or settling in. During the move, keep all the necessary equipment together so you are able to have it assembled and ready for the service to be turned on.

Time Warner Cable
1525 Old Trolley Rd
Summerville, SC 29483
(843) 564-2284

Comcast Cable
4400 Belle Oaks Dr.
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 554-4100

Public Services in Summerville
It is always a smart plan to know where the local municipal offices are located in case you ever run into a problem or if you need to fill out paperwork after the move. Each state has different laws and it can be helpful to visit with the local precinct officers to glean valuable information. Many times they will have a brochure or booklet to become familiar with the area laws and the new regulations that are in effect.

Summerville Police
300 W 2nd N St
Summerville, SC 29483

Dorchester County Sheriff Department
212 Deming Way
Summerville, SC 29483

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