White Gables: Summerville’s Historic District Complements the White Gables

With White Gables, in Summerville, SC, there’s no better example of how the right location can complement and even enhance the community it surrounds. So, to recognize this, we wanted to spotlight five of the reasons why Summerville and White Gables are meant for each other.

1. Modern Comforts, Traditional Looks

In White Gables, a little new mixes with a little old to create a collection of unique homesites. With the option of having Charleston-inspired architecture and decor added to your home, you’ll have no problem fitting into the Lowcountry aesthetic, while taking advantage of modern and eco-friendly features.

2. Family Friendly Orientation

Safe and unabashedly friendly, historic Summerville, SC is the perfect environment for families to settle in and grow as positive influences on the community. Parks, playgrounds and community centers dot the area, so every member of your family has a place to enjoy the perks of the area.

3.  Plenty to Do and See

Keeping in with the theme of discovery, there’s plenty to experience on a day-to-day basis in Summerville. From the yearly Flowertown Festival to weekly farmer’s markets and more, you’ll easily find something to do within a short traveling distance from White Gables.

 4. Away From the Crowd

“Scenic” doesn’t even begin to describe the Summerville, SC area, but it’s also never too far away from civilization to where you feel isolated. That’s one of the most convenient things about living in White Gables. You’re always “just close enough.”

 5. A Natural Fit

Crescent Homes places major emphasis on being environmentally friendly and making sure community design blends in with the surrounding area as seamlessly as possible. You’ll be glad to know that White Gables is no exception to the rule with access to natural waterways and walking trails to satisfy your inner outdoorsman.

Like two peas in a pod, Summerville, SC is the perfect accompaniment to the White Gables community, and vice versa. The only thing that’s missing in this otherwise perfect arrangement is you!

For more information about White Gables, give us a call or email us at info@crescenthomes.net.

White Gables
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