White Gables: The Guide to Buying a Home in Summerville

Finding the Right House

Buying a new house is both fun and frightening. Not only are you making a decision for your immediate living space but it is a decision that will affect your future. A bit of trepidation is normal when buying house, even for seasoned homebuyers because of the price of the home as well as the commitment but it is always a smart decision. When you buy a home, you are helping to grow the local economy, support the idea of community, and contribute financially to the city infrastructure such as the schools and emergency services. It is a big step forward in the right direction for your life as well as helping to fulfill your long-term financial goals. The right house doesn't have to be hard to find and you can search houses for sale in Summerville to find just the right one for your needs and one within your price range.

What to Look for in a New Home

Every homebuyer is different but there are some basic elements every buyer wants to see in their new home. Whether they decide to build it from the ground-up, choose a move-in ready home, or buy a resale home, homeowners tend to know their preferences and have a list of what they would like to see in their home. Homes for sale in 29483 tend to be larger than homes in other communities in the Lowcountry and this makes it ideal for buyers who have families or just need more space for entertaining or when guests come to visit. The final touches in a home can be some of the most fun decisions to make if you decide to semi-customize the property. Crescent Homes offers the ability to customize the features such as wall colors, flooring options, and other features to truly make it your own. Set out with a list of options that are important to you as well as options that you could live without and know how to handle each side of the list. Not only will this be a quick reference but you may change your mind throughout the house hunting process.

Get to know Summerville

With the wide range of housing options available in Summerville, SC, knowing where you want to be located can be a challenge. The community of White Gables is minutes from the major highways, making it ideal for any commute, whether it is downtown or to another corner of the Lowcountry, your commute will be easier than most and you can still enjoy all that Summerville has to offer. There are several areas of Summerville and once you learn about them, you'll quickly figure out which areas are ideal for shopping, restaurants, gyms, and even where you prefer to spend any amount of time. The town itself expands into the surrounding area and much of the outskirts contain open land and beautiful trails. Rather than being limited to the beach and coastline, residents in Summerville have the option to fish in nearby freshwater lakes or even in the brackish waters of the nearby rivers. A community like White Gables provides opportunities for swimming, biking, and other recreational activities all within the boundaries of the community. It is obvious to see why residents move into these types master planned communities and why they remain a hot-spot for homebuyers of all ages and budgets.

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