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The White Gables community by Crescent Homes in Summerville is a healthy place to raise your family. Offering scenic views and local farmers markets where you find fresh fruits and vegetables, this community is a treasure. Explore Summerville’s farmers market for food, crafts, and good times. See why the new homes in Summerville at White Gables community by Crescent Homes is becoming such a desirable area to call home.

The Farmers Market in Summerville
Farmers markets used to be an attraction in every town, but unfortunately they no longer exist in some urban areas. Fortunately, farmers markets are still going strong in South Carolina. The Summerville Farmers Market is a lively, must-see attraction even if you are just visiting the area. If you are a lucky local living in some of the beautiful neighborhoods in the Summerville area, such as White Gables, the place may just become a weekly stop during the summer and fall. For the freshest selection of fruits and vegetables a farmer’s market simply cannot be beat.

The vendors at the Summerville market are friendly and the atmosphere has a truly hometown feel with children and their dogs strolling around. This market is a great way for White Gables residents to spend a Saturday morning with family and friends in the fresh air and sunshine. To add to the festive atmosphere, local musicians often perform at the market. It is fun to see these aspiring local performers.

By shopping at a farmers market you support local farmers as well as local artisans, bakers, flower growers, jam and preserve makers, and makers of fresh sauces such as salsas and more. The farmers at Summerville Farmer’s Market are required to have grown at least 50% of what they sell. They can buy and resell from other producers, but much of that is produced in the area as well. Artisans can only sell what they craft themselves. Food vendors must meet strict government standards for cleanliness and preparation.

When farmers sell to distributors who sell in turn to grocery stores, the farmers net a very small profit from what they have raised and only larger farms are really able to survive this way. When farmers sell at a farmers market, they retain the price the customer pays, minus the small booth rental fee. This is not only beneficial for the farmers and other merchants who sell in this manner, it is great for the local economy.

Many small farmers grow their produce organically. This is wonderful for the environment and for your health. Although you may wash non-organically grown produce there is still the chance that you will ingest some chemicals when you eat an item with the skin on it. Many nutrition experts advise buying organically grown berries, apples, grapes, and any other produce which is eaten with the skin.

The exciting and interesting thing about shopping at a farmers market is that you can talk to the people who grew the food. Most vendors are friendly and especially garrulous when it comes to talking about what they do. It’s a passion for many of them. You can hear how the food is grown and get many great tips on how to pick the best fruits and vegetables.

As you stroll through Summerville Farmers Market you will find your run-of-the-mill veggie and fruit varieties sold at the grocery store, but you are also likely to find some very different looking items. Some of these come from heritage seed varieties, such as old-fashioned musk melons which look like modern cantaloupes, but have distinctive sections or gores. Other finds include sweet Heritage corn and many other heirloom seed varieties.

Of course, produce is not the only food you’ll find at Summerville Farmers Market. Some vendors have meat, raw milk and other dairy products, fresh free range eggs, or honey. And then there are the bakers. A vendor selling her homemade streusel was a big hit at last year’s farmers market as was a vendor selling freshly ground grits. There are many crafts as well.

The Market has 88 stalls available and you will generally find most of them full. It is open every Saturday from April 13 to November 23 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Summerville Farmers Market is held in the 1st Citizens Bank parking lot next to the Town Hall and you can park in the Town Hall parking garage for free. It is near many of Summerville’s quaint shops on historic Main Street, so you can stroll and browse those as well.

Summerville Farmers Market
200 S. Main Street
Summerville, SC

You’ll enjoy Southern living at its finest in the White Gables community by Crescent Homes in Summerville. This wonderful community is near a great local farmers market where you’ll find fresh, local produce and other locally produced foods for your family. Featuring the best new homes in Summerville, see why so many families are calling White Gables home.

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