White Gables: Fitness Centers Near New Homes at White Gables in Summerville

The White Gables community by Crescent Homes in Summerville is an enjoyable place to call home. This tranquil community is nestled among beautiful trees and inviting nature trails. If you need or want more than a walk, bike ride, or run to keep in shape, you will find several local fitness centers which provide White Gables residents with the resources they need for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Fitness Centers in Summerville

Chain fitness centers in Summerville include Anytime Fitness, Pivotal, and Bold Fitness, and Curves. The Summerville YMCA offers three convenient locations.

Anytime Fitness Centers

Anytime Fitness Centers are open twenty-four hours, seven days a week. One of the unique features of this chain of fitness centers is that Anytime allows you to use your membership at any of their thousands of locations across the county. So if you live in White Oaks and join the Summerville location, you can also use an Anytime Fitness Center when you visit relatives or friends in Charleston or travel to New York for business.

Anytime Fitness Center in Summerville offers a safe environment with a wide variety of fitness equipment. You’ll find some of the newest, best exercise equipment available, along with numerous fun group classes. Personal trainers are available to guide you and help customize just the right fitness program for you. Private restrooms with a shower are available to all Anytime members.

Anytime Fitness Center
205 Grandview Drive
Summerville, SC 29483
Tel: (843) 873-1200

Bold Fitness

Bold Fitness Center in Summerville offers the latest equipment in a comfortable setting. Take advantage of their personal trainers or participate in group training. Membership includes a one hour fitness assessment with a personal trainer. They also have several aerobics classes to choose from including the extremely popular and ever so fun Zumba. Their Kid’s Club provides up to two hours of professional care of your children each day while you exercise and rejuvenate. The center also offers nutrition education. Bold promises a smaller, less crowded club with more privacy and more individual attention.

Bold Fitness
1625 N. Main Street
Summerville, SC
Tel: (843) 873-2727

Pivotal Fitness

Pivotal Fitness offers fitness assessment and a week of personal fitness training with every membership. Their Summerville location includes free childcare and children’s fitness activities, along with a Ladies Only Club with a separate entrance. They have a cycling studio with group classes, and an array of group exercise classes. Summerville Pivotal Fitness Center offers over 150 pieces of the latest exercise equipment including Hammer Strength and Life Fitness, in a 50,000 square foot center. The center includes locker rooms with a lounge. Some Pivotal Fitness Centers offer an extensive selection of Martial Arts classes.

Pivotal Fitness also offers interested individuals the opportunity to receive training and become certified as a professional fitness trainer.

Pivotal Fitness
1645 Old Trolley Road
Summerville, SC 29485
Tel: (843) 486-5540


Not your typical fitness center, Curves is exclusively for women. Their thirty-minute circuit workout and supportive nutritional educational programs have made them a favorite weight-loss center for women throughout the nation. Summerville has its own Curves located on the Old Trolley Road.

1525-K Old Trolley Road
Summerville, SC 29485
Tel: (843) 486-0888


The Summerville YMCA offers three locations to conveniently serve residents. This family-oriented organization offers fitness classes for all ages. They have children’s gymnastics, including several classes for small children. The Downtown location has a pool and a variety of children’s swimming classes with emphasis on teaching water safety. They also offer a variety of adult aquatic exercise classes, including water aerobics and classes for those with arthritis. At certain times you may also do lap swimming.

The Downtown location offers spin classes at several times to fit your schedule. They even have a family class on Saturdays. The Ponds location offers a gym and adult basketball, as well as Tiny Tots soccer, cheerleading, and basketball. There are basketball teams for older children and teens as well. In addition, the Y is always offering an assortment of new classes and frequently offers family events and other educational opportunities. While not your typical fitness center, the Y is a great place to get the entire family motivated to participate in fun physical activities. Best of all, the Summerville locations are such a short drive from White Gables.

Summerville Downtown YMCA
208 W. Doty
Summerville, SC 29483
Tel: (843) 871-9622

You’ll enjoy Southern living at its finest in the White Gables community by Crescent Homes in Summerville. This wonderful community is near several Fitness Centers where you can keep in top shape. Featuring the best Summerville Homes for sale, see why so many families are calling White Gables home.

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